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Automatically creates an AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) using all available Availability Zones (AZ) in a region.

This plugin provisions the following resources:

If the VPC is allocated a /16 subnet, each availability zone within the region will be allocated a /20 subnet. Within each availability zone, this plugin will further divide the subnets:

The subnetting layout was heavily inspired by the now shutdown Skyliner platform. 😞

Optionally, this plugin can also create AWS::EC2::NatGateway instances in each availability zone which requires provisioning AWS::EC2::EIP resources (AWS limits you to 5 per VPC, so if you want to provision your VPC across all 6 us-east availability zones, you’ll need to request an VPC EIP limit increase from AWS).

Any Lambda functions executing with the “Application” subnet will only be able to access:

If your Lambda functions need to access the internet, then you MUST provision NatGateway resources.

By default, AWS::EC2::VPCEndpoint “Gateway” endpoints for S3 and DynamoDB will be provisioned within each availability zone to provide internal access to these services (there is no additional charge for using Gateway Type VPC endpoints). You can selectively control which AWS::EC2::VPCEndpoint “Interface” endpoints are available within your VPC using the services configuration option below. Not all AWS services are available in every region, so the plugin will query AWS to validate the services you have selected and notify you if any changes are required (there is an additional charge for using Interface Type VPC endpoints).

If you specify more then one availability zone, this plugin will also provision the following database-related resources:

to make it easier to create these resources across all of the availability zones.


$ npx sls plugin install -n serverless-vpc-plugin


# add in your serverless.yml

  - serverless-vpc-plugin

      - Ref: LambdaExecutionSecurityGroup # this plugin will create this security group for you
    subnetIds: # if specifying zones below, include the same number of subnets here
      - Ref: AppSubnet1
      - Ref: AppSubnet2
      - Ref: AppSubnet3
      #- Ref: AppSubnet4
      #- Ref: AppSubnet5
      #- Ref: AppSubnet6

    cidrBlock: ''

    # if createNatGateway is a boolean "true", a NAT Gateway and EIP will be
    # provisioned in each zone auto-discovered or specified below.
    # if createNatGateway is a number, that number of NAT Gateways will be provisioned
    createNatGateway: 2

    # When enabled, the DB subnet will only be accessible from the Application subnet
    # Both the Public and Application subnets will be accessible from
    createNetworkAcl: false

    # Whether to create the DB subnet
    createDbSubnet: true

    # Whether to enable VPC flow logging to an S3 bucket
    createFlowLogs: false

    # optionally specify AZs (defaults to auto-discover all availabile AZs)
      - us-east-1a
      - us-east-1b
      - us-east-1c

    # by default, s3 and dynamodb endpoints will be available within the VPC
    # see
    # for a list of available service endpoints to provision within the VPC
    # (varies per region)
      - kms
      - secretsmanager